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Marketing that drives transformations

Are you on a mission to drive positive business outcomes and generate transformational impacts?

But you can't find the time or don't have the resources needed to make your marketing efforts worth it?

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ReadySetMIWI Provides Strategic Marketing and Communications Services for Both For-Profit and Non-Profit Leaders

Taking a strategic approach to your marketing efforts sets your marketing tactics up to succeed.

Your mission is too important to waste time, money, and resources on ineffective tactics

Not having time, resources, perspective, or lack of in-house marketing expertise shouldn't keep you from building awareness, generating the leads you need to bring in revenue (to make a profit or resource programs), or communicating effectively with your community.

Build a marketing system

A well-built marketing system will guide you down a clear path so you can reach the people who need your offerings the most.

We start by defining success

Then we build strategies to make your marketing and communication efforts worth it.

Whether you're an established business, early-stage startup, a consultant, nonprofit, or faith-based organization, you can leverage a proven marketing system while working with an experienced strategic marketing partner.

ReadySetMIWI Service Packages

Discovery & Audits

The best way to get from Point A to Point B is to evaluate where you're starting and what the gap looks like between there and where to want to go next.

Strategy & Planning

Without a strategy, tactics can lead to wasted time, money, and resources – which is why we believe strategy must come first.

Campaigns & Projects

These are the in-between strategic and tactical efforts that are often led by seasonal needs or strategic promotional offerings to create business results.

Implement & Maintain

This is where our strategic work and planning move into tactical execution, measurement, evaluation, optimization, and, ultimately, success.

Marketing is about relationships and transformation above transactions

Chris Davidson is the Founder and Lead Strategist at ReadySetMIWI - a marketing agency located in Dallas, Texas.


Chris Davidson is a Certified Marketing Consultant with the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. Chris Davidson has received the Product Marketing Core Certification from the Product Marketing Alliance.

Meet Chris Davidson, Founder & Lead Strategist

Throughout his career, he has worked at the intersection of technology, marketing, and content to generate successful results in several industries, including software, business, education, startups, agencies, nonprofits, churches, and more.

Chris believes that the success of ReadySetMIWI is driven by helping you succeed.

At ReadySetMIWI, we take this focus on relationships and creating transformations into everything that we do.

Transformations for:

  • Your customers or constituents
  • Your organization
  • Your employees
  • Your investors, vendors, and strategic partners

When we participate in each others success, a world of opportunities can open up. Lives can be changed. Communities strengthened. And families brought closer together.

What's it like working with Chris?

"Chris is an extremely thoughtful and conscientious person that takes great pride in his work. He takes his work very seriously and does the proper due diligence for a better level of quality for anything he does, whether it's personal or professional."

Russel Dubree
Growth Advisor and Founder at Performance Faction

"The intangibles that Chris brings are the bonus reasons he is a great performer and true professional. Passion - Ethics - Knowledge - Tenacious - Smart, and an overall great person are just a few words of many to make him a pleasure to work with."

Ray Maher
General Manager - Sales at PulteGroup 

"Chris is a detailed thinker who values doing what is right above all else. I am always grateful for any opportunity that allows me to work with Chris."

Phil Dieke
Director of Congregational Innovation at Education Beyond the Walls at Austin Seminary

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris' professionalism and effectiveness. He is an excellent communicator and inspires confidence and trust."

Tod K. Vogt
Executive Director at Mission Alive

"Chris is what I consider a rare breed – very tech-savvy, but also relationship-oriented. He can fix what's wrong with your website or marketing, and he'll ask what's important to you – and cares about the answer."

Rev. Father Cathie Caimano
Free Range Priest

Discovery Questions to Consider

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