About ReadySetMIWI

Our success is more about your success.

At ReadySetMIWI, we succeed together.

We Succeed, Together

Marketing is about relationships and transformation, above transactions.

So when you choose to work with ReadySetMIWI, you benefit from working with a network of consultants and freelancers who are also mission-driven and care about the success of organizations like yours.

Our Network

  • Personal & Professional Contacts
  • Duct Tape Marketing Consultants Network
  • Strategic Partner & Freelance Network

And when we participate in each other's success, a world of opportunities can open up. Lives can be changed. Communities strengthened. And families brought closer together.

People-FirstOur Core Values Drive Every Decision

As an organization built around Christian values, we care for and love our neighbors.

When we think people-first, we are focused on the success of every individual who participates in the success of yours and our organizations.

Lead Others

Value Empathy



Relationships Matter

Transformation Over Transactions

What does ReadySetMIWI even mean?

And how do you even pronounce it?

Who are we?The ReadySetMIWI Team

Growing with each and every new Participant!